Forest Ridge Members, the Forest Ridge Pool Complex opening will be on May 25th.

Forest Ridge Pool 1

Swimming Pools: Forest Ridge has a very nice pool complex with three pools. Dive off the diving board or hang out in our L-shaped pool, swim laps in our lap pool, or play with your youngsters in the wading pool.

Admittance: The swimming pool is open to all Forest Ridge Association members in good standing (i.e. whose assessments are current).

Pool Season: The pool season begins the Saturday before Memorial Day and ends on Labor Day. Due to staffing restrictions during the first few weeks and last few weeks of the season, the hours that the pool is open may be limited. Please check the bulletin board at the entrance to the pool for special hours of operation during these periods.

Pool Passes: Pool pass is required for admission. Pool passes are to be picked up at the pool upon your first visit to the pool. Pool passes will be available for pickup on the first day of the swim season (the Saturday before Memorial Day). Guest passes are also available. See link below for additional information.

Forest Ridge Lap Pool

Hours of Operation:
Monday – Sunday & Holidays:  12 p.m. – 8 p.m.
Saturday (Extended Hours):  10 a.m. -12 p.m.
Wednesday (Extended Hours):  8 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.

Extended Hours and Breaks – We have reduced lifeguards on duty during breaks and Extended Hours. Persons must be/be accompanied by a Responsible Swimmer to remain in the water.

Wading Pool Zone – Restricted to children 44″ or under. All children must have a Responsible Swimmer with them in the Zone at all times. Lifeguard duties do not extend to the wading pool.

Responsible Swimmer – someone who is 15+, confident and competent in deep water, and mature enough to be responsible for their own or another’s water life safety.

Lifeguards have final authority to determine if a person is a Responsible Swimmer.

Pool Closing: The pool may be closed for maintenance, weather, health conditions, or other emergencies as determined by the pool committee, pool manager, staff member in charge, or by the Board of Trustees. In addition, the pool may be closed to general use for FRA events such as home swim meets.

Pool Rules: See link below for pool rules.

Special Pool Events:
Independence Day Party: July 4th – (12 p.m. – 5 p.m.) Food, fun, and games. No charge for guests.
Pool Raft Party: August 3rd – (7 p.m. – 10 p.m.) Food, fun, and games. No charge for guests.
Last Day of the Season: September 2nd
Doggie Swim: September 3rd – (6 p.m. – 8 p.m.)

Swim Meet Closures:
The pool will close at 4PM on the following dates for the Forest Ridge Fighting Fish’s 2024 home swim meets:
Thursday, June 13th
Tuesday, June 20th
Tuesday, June 25th
Tuesday, July 9th
Thursday, July 18th for the 11+ Championships

Swim Lessons: Swim lessons are available at the pool. There are two sessions each season (early and mid-June). Detailed information will be posted on the swimming pool bulletin board and provided via Murmurs, Facebook and Nextdoor. See link below for additional information.

Private Pool Parties:
• Scheduled by written request to the pool manager.
• Start at 8:00 p.m. and must end by midnight.
• 2 hour minimum duration
• $110.00 deposit to reserve date, balance due by the start of the party.
• Cannot sell admission, drinks, or food.
• Cancellation must be received 3 days in advance of the party for a full refund
• FRA initiated cancellations will result in full refund.
• Alcohol for personal consumption is permitted; no glass containers, no distribution.
• Manager may terminate a party without refund for failure to adhere to these rules.
• Fees will be on an hourly rate as follows:
<25 people – $110 per hour
26-50 people – $150 per hour
51 – 100 people – $190 per hour
• All pool rules apply during parties.

Information and sign-up available at:

Please review the 2024 Pool Rules below: