Missing/Found Pets

Please send missing and found pet reports to:


Also, if you are a Facebook fan, please add the information to Facebook ( http://www.facebook.com/ForestRidgeAssociation ) so that our neighbors can begin to network and find, or find the owner for, the missing pet!

Please include in your email/FB posting the following information:

  • If pet is missing, or was found

  • Type of pet; breed if known; description (color/size/markings)

  • Date and location the pet was found or went missing

  • Current location of pet (your home/animal shelter/etc)

  • Contact information for current location (your email address/phone number/current location of pet)

  • Photo, if available (please attach to email…it will be reduced and linked to the site)

Below are links to area and national missing pet sites.  Please note that pets can often travel a good distance from home and cross city and county boundaries, so please check with not only your own city and county, but adjoining city and county agencies when searching for your lost pet.

Montgomery County Animal Resource Center

Greene County Animal Control

Dayton Daily News Lost and Found